INCOGNITO (in•cog•ni•to inkägneto) having one’s true identity concealed. In disguise, Disguised. Under cover. Camouflaged.

As a fellow ostomate I know about embarrassing ostomy moments. Well, now Ostomy Amigo is here – your new best friend – offering you comfort and support, while being discreet. Ostomy Amigo provides a unique way to disguise your ostomy pouch – the front flap conceals a hidden inner front pocket for storage (also acting as an extra added layer of protection) while a second compartment features a gusseted pocket with a rear exterior opening for the ostomy pouch. Ostomy Amigo
is crafted with a durable water repellant, lightweight outer layer, has a comfortable soft knit backing, and is machine washable for easy care. Ostomy Amigo – goes where you go… incognito!


Ostomy Amigo is my solution to what wasn’t available to persons with an ostomy – until now. Simple, stylish, versatile and functional. Designed for both men and women, its slim, elegant styling offers superior construction. A functioning fashion accessory, it is multi-purpose. Ostomy Amigo features a full flap front messenger bag design with a secure snap closure, to hold your keys and other essentials, and a fully lined fabric interior. The flap and front pocket conceal the true intention of Ostomy Amigo, which is to enclose and hide your ostomy pouch. Currently Ostomy Amigo is available in black, today’s most fashionable colour, with new creations on the horizon. You can feel confident and assured knowing that Ostomy Amigo your new best friend, will always travel with you from home, to work, to play in effortless style. For people on the go. Go in Style with Ostomy Amigo.


Ostomy Amigo was created with you in mind. Its often uncomfortable and difficult to wear an ostomy pouch under your clothing. So Ostomy Amigo was created to be worn on the outside of your jeans or pants, under a shirt, blouse, sweater or t-shirt to offer comfort and more ease of movement. With simple styling and strong construction that leaves you worry free, Ostomy Amigo accommodates all ostomys. It has a soft, durable, 100% polyester outer layer, that is lightweight and water
repellent, and very comfortable to wear. Extra protection is provided by a fashionably patterned, fabric inner lining. The waist-strap is velcro adjustable for easy-fit, and accommodates waist sizes from 28” minimum up to 44” maximum. For people in the know. Go in Comfort with Ostomy Amigo.